Horse on the run, who will stop it! By: Harry and Kuba

Last week in Jamaica there was a horse called Pipe. He was an unusual green horse. He was from space but no-one knows which planet he came from.

Pipe fell from his planet and when a civilian saw that it was in a field, the man reported it to the Jamaican police department. Ever since then Pipe was on the run and he carefully ran and didn’t get spotted. Here is what the man said when he saw Pipe “When I saw that green horse, I was petrified!”

Not only is Pipe green, he swam 23 miles to escape the police. Here’s what he looks like.                                               Image result for green horse 




Image result for green horseEarly this morning, a green horse was found in a pipe head first, it sadly died as the blood didn’t go to his neck. Further reports say a horse trainer


“It was me and I did not like the colour green so I let it go free I also taught it to swim in the sewer!”.

His family are so upset they ordered that the horse trainer should be arrested and be kept in prison for ever more…..Unfortunately the police are confused as to why the horse trainer admitted to the crime so easily that the police didn’t arrest him.

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Turtle invasion by Mia and Noah

On Friday the  10th August in Cornwall a enormous group of turtles swam to the green sea-weed shore. 

The group of turtles came crawling out of the water and ran straight in front of a horse. They startled the creatures and blocked off the road that’s why there’s been traffic. 

They have found a baby turtle stuck in a waged pipe, the RSPCA had to carefully take it out.

The wild life experts have no idea how this invasion of the turtles happened.”I have no idea how this happened in the first place!!”claimed a expert.”Who knows, we might have to live with these calm creatures!!!”






Horse gets stuck! by Evie and Carmen

Last week, a horse named Bob got stuck in an emerald pipe at the swimming pool. Bob was having a swim in the local pool, like he swam the week before, he was having so much fun  when he noticed a green pipe. Bob quoted ” I noticed the pipe and I just clicked!”.

Bob got up and started to feel hungry. So he got out of the pool and looked in the pipe he saw the best piece of chocolate cake in the pipe. He put his head carefully in the opening of the pipe and got stuck. He commented saying “I was fine, really!”.






Green Pipe hits Horse! By Faith and Harrison

At 12 pm a green pipe hit  a horse at Riverside drive (its not a very nice sight).

On 13th of March 2015, plumbers were not carefully transporting pipes and caused an accident. A green pipe hit an innocent horse and knocked it unconscious. Its rider was found in hospital,  soaking wet as she said as soon as she fell into a river she swam towards safety.

“The plumbers weren’t looking where they where going. They hit my horse right on the head and she fell straight over and crushed my leg. I slipped into the water as it was the only way to get to safety.”

100wc by Ben

once there was a horse eating the green grass when bang pipes started attacking.
The horses sprinted carefully dodging the lasers. more and more pipes where geting through to earth. The lasers started hitting the humans. all the humans got there guns and started shooting but the pipes where deflecting the bullets.
every body started to panic. the military came to see and fond out where the energy was coming was the  lights from earth so every body turned of there lights of and the pipes smashed in to the ground and no body got hurt

lost in the sewers by ruby ;-)

i could hear HORSE`S trotting above me well i was in the stinky sewers. it was horrible. there was green slime every were. I carefully crawled under the green pipe.It was hard wen I swam through the sewers.Something smelt like a fish but there were no fish in the sewers then i saw dolphin flippers flapping  in the distents but dolphins only live in the sea. then this thing came closer it was the…                                                                                                                                            the the sewer monster legens say if you meet the sewer monster never stair in its eyes . he green with white spots.         that was the end of me

The green pipe swarm by adam

One mysterious night a green pipe appeared through a tear in space and time! In no less than a minute there was millions of them zooming around and attacking the earth with there laser guns.When all of a sudden a military hardware virus called destructioniser effected them and they all exploded! As soon as they exploded everyone cheered very loudly and in Chippenham one person through a pie in the air to congragulate the victory! Once the virus destroyed them all the military shut the virus down before it destroyed any humans.Will the mysterious green pipes come again nobody knows…

100wc by Adam and William

One day I was on a plane then when I looked out of the plane window I saw it Godzilla! It was trying to hit the cyrstal blue areoplane out of the sunny sky. I was scared and it was destroying the earth! I could hear screches from in the aeroplane! Unexpectedly the plane morphed into a spaceship.The spaceship flew to jupiter. Without even knowing we put space suits on. When we landed on jupiter we could jump 20 feet high! When we were on jupiter we could see the Earth being devowered by Godzilla.Now jupiter is our home for life.





i was waking home from school with my friends and we could see a apple farm. i said I’m going to pick apples for my mum because she loves them. ok lets go . we went in and started pick apples i pick something what was that i could was fury with wings i looked at it. it was a bat i thought it was cute until it bit me on the finger ouch i screamed. lets get out of here its getting dark and Im going to get told of  so we went home and as we went home.